A surfer catches a wave
The Best West Coast Beaches For Your Next Surfing Adventure
Near Newport Beach, California, The Wedge is known for its fantastic surfing, bodyboarding, and short-break waves that can reach over 30 feet.
The Wedge
A 2,000-foot jetty protects Newport Harbor, and the unpredictable waves bounce off. Besides surfing, The Wedge has epic sunsets and a stunning coastline.
Affectionately nicknamed Surf City, this is a classic surfers' paradise with manageable swells and the attention of many pro-surfers.
Huntington City Beach
From a rich surfing history, ample shops, board rentals, and other fascinating surf-related activities to an iconic pier, Huntington City Beach is a beach with it all.
Approximately 0.5 miles long, this hidden gem is surrounded by pristine wilderness on the Oregon Coast, with consistent breaks for boogie boarding and surfing.
Short Sand Beach
This Washington beach town has a dazzling coastline with three main breaks. Newbie surfers ready to take their skills to the next level tend to opt for The Jetty.
Westport Beaches
The Groins, just off the Westport marina, attracts intermediate to advanced wave riders aware of the extreme tidal changes.
The Cove is for advanced surfers. Due to the hazardous shore break, The Cove is no easy task as the waves, currents, and occasional giant swells here can be dangerous.
This Hawaiian beach has optimal conditions for newer surfers, and many surf shops offer everything from board rentals to lessons.
Waikiki Beach
This beautiful paradise is roughly two miles long and suitable for intermediate and advanced surfers, and there are some pretty famous breaks that skilled wave riders enjoy.