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The Best U.S. Cities For Food Lovers To Add To Their Bucket List
The only problem with visiting NYC as a foodie is that there are so many different places to try. There are options to fit every budget and palette, from Michelin star-rated eateries to lower-cost food adventures to the best pizza-by-the-slice in the world.
New York City, New York
The most unique, exclusive dining experiences happen in Los Angeles, but almost any place you go is going to be expensive. However, the exceptional culinary delicacies available are well worth the splurge on a foodie vacation.
Los Angeles, California
Houston is famous for its cuisine combinations that give rise to a completely new culinary experience. And Tex-Mex enthusiasts can be sure they’re getting the real deal, especially if you dine at one of the legendary Houston Tex-Mex restaurants such as Armando's or El Tiempo Cantina.
Houston, Texas
If you’re looking for convenient, delicious, snackable treats, like street food, you'll have a blast exploring the food scene in Chicago. Chicago holds street food festivals throughout the year that make for the perfect foodie getaway, like the Taste of Chicago, Little Italy Festa, Ribfest Chicago, and the Great American Lobster Fest.
Chicago, Illinois
If you want a food destination that doesn't limit you to one type of cuisine, you'll appreciate Portland. You'll find Mediterranean, Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, American Southern, Italian, South American, and Middle Eastern restaurants and some famous sweet tooth eatery options, like Voodoo Doughnut.
Portland, Oregon