A wooden bridge along the Virginia Creeper Trail
The Best Rail Trails To Ride Across The U.S.
Along the abandoned Milwaukee Railroad Corridor route, this 130-mile path has four sections suitable for hiking, biking, and horseback riding.
Olympic Discovery Trail
Consisting of restored railway trestles and bridges, the trail winds through a dramatic mix of farms, fields, charming towns, ravines, forests, and snow-capped mountain peaks.
The West Central segment runs parallel to the Juan de Fuca Strait and crosses the Elwha River on a suspended bridge, then climbs to the shores of a glacial lake.
This 34-mile trail lies along a retired rail bed where Virginia meets Tennessee and North Carolina with incredible views year-round, particularly in the fall.
Virginia Creeper Trail
With gentle grades and a smooth, hard-packed surface of dirt, cinders, and crushed limestone, the trail suits all abilities, whether hiking, cycling, or horseback riding.
Most users start in the central town of Damascus for its excellent facilities, bike rental, accommodations, and shuttle buses up to Whitetop, the trail's highest elevation.
Winding through 109 miles of Dakota's Black Hills, this trail connects Deadwood with Edgemont and can be enjoyed through all weather and seasons.
George S. Mickelson Trail
This exciting route takes you across over 100 converted bridges, four rock tunnels, and miles of stunning forests. Some segments also have trolley rides and talks.
Some parts are for beginners and families, but others are much more strenuous, with steep drop-offs, long climbs, and narrow spaces against the granite mountain walls.
Winding downhill for 15 miles, this is one of the best and most scenic rail trails in the U.S. for novice hikers and families with young children.
Route Of The Hiawatha
It begins on the Idaho-Montana state line and passes across seven spectacular high trestles and through 10 tunnels, including the 1.66 mile-long St. Paul Pass, or Taft Tunnel.
There's bike rental available at the nearby Lookout Pass Ski Area (including helmets and lights, which are necessary inside the tunnels) and an optional return shuttle service.
This 21-mile-long route has wide hiking, biking, and horseback riding paths and is one of the more challenging and exciting U.S. rail trails.
Banks-Vernonia State Trail
Experienced bikers will love the varied terrain, dramatic switchbacks and climbs, 13 bridges, and two high trestles with incredible views over the Oregon Coast Range.
Stop off to camp or rent a rustic cabin midway at L.L. Stub Stewart State Park, or choose a shorter section to complete on a day trip through multiple entry points along the trail.