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The Best International Vacations If You're On A Budget
Cambodia has beautiful beaches and spectacular temple ruins — and you could easily enjoy it all spending under $25 per day, including lodging. Eating at a restaurant is about $5-10, street meals are just $2-3, and motorbike rentals are only $6-15 a day.
Thailand boasts majestic ancient ruins, stunning tropical beaches, a rich culture, and a trip to Bangkok costs about $60 a day. Northern Thailand is both economical and exciting to visit (and less touristy) and in Chiang Mai and Pai, you can plan on spending about $5-15 on food and $5-10 a night for hostels.
The trick to a cost-effective Indonesian vacation is to pick one region rather than island hop. Bali has waterfalls, white (and some black) sand beaches, rice terraces, and ancient temple ruins. Renting a motorcycle or scooter is only $4-10 a day, hostels are $5-10 per night, and it’s about $5-$15 for meals each day.
Greece can be inexpensive if you go off-season in spring or fall, and instead of daily restaurants, have picnic lunches or enjoy cheap street food. If you want to visit the nearby islands, book an overnight ferry in advance at a lower price, and you won’t need accommodation that evening.
Mexico has amazing culture, great food, and beautiful nature getaways, and the key to traveling here on a budget is to pick one region and stay there. Most cities have street tacos that are less than $1 a piece and you can easily get away with spending anywhere from $8-15 per day on food, and the same per night for a hostel.