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The Best Ghost Tours To Take On Your Next Trip To Salem
Offering 12 different tour types, Salem Historical Tours is a great option for anyone interested in any facet of Salem's history. Catering to literary buffs, movie lovers, horror fans, or those who want to know more about regional ghost stories, each tour lasts for about 90 minutes, and all tours are conducted entirely outside, regardless of the weather.
Salem Historical Tours
Tours by Salem Ghosts tell many unsettling stories of reported ghost sightings in Salem, and of the city's subterranean labyrinth of caverns once used by smugglers. The stories are unsettling, the guides are incredibly knowledgeable, and the 1-hour walk is not too taxing on those looking for a more gentle stroll through town.
Salem Ghosts
Salem's WalknTours is great for history buffs, horror fans, ghost story addicts, and pop culture enthusiasts. This 40- to 50-minute tour goes by several historical locations dating back to the Salem Witch Trials, TV and movie filming locations, and some of the oldest and most storied buildings, like the mysterious Ropes Mansion or the historic Salem Inn.
In two different tours, guides of U.S. Ghost Adventures share stories about Salem's eventful history, as well as some of the most heinous true crime stories committed within the New England village. One tour reports sightings of ghosts rooted in local urban myths, and the other focuses on the aftermath of the Salem Witch Trials.
U.S. Ghost Adventures
Spellbound Tours is led by paranormal investigators who tell of unexplained supernatural events and teach groups how to use their cameras to capture evidence of any ghouls that happen to materialize along the way. Despite its heavy focus on the supernatural, Spellbound Tours prides itself on historical authenticity, leading groups to some of the city's most interesting locations.
Spellbound Tours