A lighthouse at sunset on Fire Island, New York
The Best Beaches To Add To Your Northeast Bucket List
Block Island, whose interior features a large salt pond, has many beaches. The one with the "wow" factor is at Mohegan Bluffs, with 200-foot cliffs.
Block Island, Rhode Island
A stairway of 141 steps descends to the sand, and the clear turquoise waters and towering bluffs create an epic environment that is worth the effort.
Crescent Beach, or Town Beach, is close to where the island's ferries arrive. With sand that gently eases into the water, it's a great spot for families.
The number of beaches here is mind-boggling. Large parts of the cape fall within the Cape Cod National Seashore, a breathtaking national park.
Cape Cod, Massachusetts
At Head of Meadow Beach, the 1872 shipwreck of "Frances" is visible at low tide and is one of many ships that have hit sand bars under the shallows up and down the coast.
Marconi Beach is a lovely stretch of waterfront named for the inventor Guglielmo Marconi. Sandy cliffs rise for 40 feet, with heaths of broom crowberry and other rare plants.
This park is a piece of wilderness that sits across Delaware Bay from Cape May in New Jersey, offering miles of beautiful coastline with fine beaches.
Cape Henlopen, Delaware
The state park's ecosystems include dunes, forests, and beaches, offering hiking and biking trails, along with swimming, kayaking, and windsurfing opportunities.
The Seaside Nature Center shouldn't be missed. It features a huge tank where kids can have the chance to touch stingrays and horseshoe crabs.
This summer seaside destination is one seemingly endless strip of sand that stretches as far as the eye can see, and the waterfront is broken up into sections.
Cape May, New Jersey
There is an array of atmospheres from beach to beach, with some quieter (like Baltimore) and others more lively (such as Decatur and Jackson).
The beaches have lifeguards, beach volleyball, kayaking, surfing, and fishing. At Sunset Beach, a flag-raising ceremony dedicated to fallen U.S. soldiers is held nightly.
This long, skinny barrier island extends 32 miles and is home to Fire Island National Seashore. Its small communities draw loyal, repeat vacationers each year.
Fire Island, New York
The national park is home to box turtles, great horned owls, tree frogs, and deer. The beach is beautiful, with generally calm water backed by rolling dunes.
One of Fire Island's most fascinating parts is the Sunken Forest. Wild and windblown, the holly trees behind the dunes create an endangered and rare maritime forest.