Park goers enjoy "Superman-Ride of Steel," one of the new rides at Six Flags Amusement Park
The Best Amusement Parks In The Northeast To Add To Your Bucket List
There are 27 Six Flags parks across North America, but one in New Jersey is one of the most exciting, with some of the best coasters in the country.
Six Flags Great Adventure
It features Kingda Ka, which was once the world's tallest and fastest accelerator coaster, the Green Lantern stand-up coaster, and impressive Superman- and Batman-themed coasters.
The zippy hypercoaster Nitro and the floorless Bizarro can also get your blood pumping. There are live shows and kiddie coasters throughout the park as well.
In Rochester, New York, this is the country's fourth oldest amusement park, featuring a coaster built in 1920, a flipping ship ride, and a wealth of water rides.
Seabreeze Park
This theme park in Williamsburg, Virginia, has excellent roller coasters, shows, and attractions catering to non-thrill seekers and younger visitors.
Busch Gardens
The Loch Ness Monster is the only coaster remaining with interlocking loops. Other rides include a multi-launch coaster with intense speed and an indoor straddle roller coaster.
This historic park has over 40 attractions, including many for small children. There are high-speed roller coasters, a launch coaster, and Pennslyvania's tallest coaster.
This Six Flags has fantastic coasters, a quality lineup of kiddie rides, and entertainment options. Catwoman's Whip is a great starting point for new riders.
Six Flags New England
The true king of this park is Superman: The Ride, with its gigantic lift hill and immaculate track layout that delivers mega G-forces, a 221-foot drop, and a top speed of 77 mph.