A restaurant terrace in Italy over looking the ocean
The 20 Most Romantic Restaurants To Visit In Italy
This Michelin Star-awarded restaurant in Bologna has a sultry vibe with ancient frescoes adorning vaulted ceilings and private tables along its indoor terrace on the second floor.
Ristorante i Portici, Bologna
In the ancient, mountain village of Mombaldone, this hidden gem offers private rooms with the utmost romantic decor and setting imaginable.
Ristorante L'Aldilà, Mombaldone
In Emilia-Romagna lies the medieval village of Brisighella. Along its 14th-century walkway called Via degli Asini, La Grotta Ristorante is nestled with an ethereal atmosphere of intimacy and class.
La Grotta Ristorante, Brisighella
Those looking for a private evening with the love of their life while love eating delicious, homemade, local cuisine in this 500-year-old palace.
Palazzo Torriani, Marradi
Palazzuolo sul Senio boasts a romantic and jaw-dropping setting, overlooking the tranquil Apennine Mountains in the Tuscan countryside.
Il Ristorante a Casa Mia