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The 15 Scariest Roller Coasters In America
The GateKeeper at Cedar Point, in Sandusky, Ohio, offers a thrilling experience. Riders are inverted six times as they experience a 164-foot wing-drop maneuver, dive-bombing, and threading through dreadfully narrow obstacles such as the keyhole towers.
1.2 miles long, and the second-longest wooden coaster on Earth, The Voyage at Holiday World, Santa Claus, Indiana, is an air-time machine with riders feeling weightless for 24.3 seconds. It has several 90-degree banking sections, and one of the steepest drops on any wooden roller coaster in the world.
The Voyage
At 325 feet and moving at 95 mph, Fury 325 at Carowinds, North Carolina, is the world's tallest and fastest giga coaster. Riders experience an 81-degree drop during the 3.25-minute ride, traveling over 1.25 miles on North America’s longest steel coaster.
Fury 325
One of the world's fastest and tallest wooden runs, El Toro at Six Flags Great Adventure, Jackson, New Jersey, was named for the power of the bull-like train. The ride begins raising riders 19 stories then plunging on a sudden drop of 176 feet at 70 mph on a 76-degree angle.
El Toro
The Superman roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain, Valencia, California, will shoot you from 0 to 100 miles per hour in seven seconds flat in reverse. It’s a speed and acceleration that has never been achieved before, let alone while traveling backward.
Superman: Escape from Krypton