Car driving in a colorful European city
Take Unforgettable Road Trips In This Popular European Country
According to Compare the Market AU, Spain is the best country to base your road trip excursion in because of its lower costs, high safety, and overall enjoyability.
With the fifth-best road conditions, third-lowest car hire costs, and ninth-lowest number of road accidents, travelers can rest easy on the road.
Snow-capped mountains, picturesque white beaches, medieval ruins, and rivers create a diverse topography. Highways networks unite Spain, even in the most rural, remote parts.
Viewing points and car parks are frequently spaced along nearly every road, and the distance between major cities is small, making it easy to circle the country in a week.
Spain is a budget-friendly European destination, so you can spend less on practical costs and more on experiences. Venturing away from urban areas can reduce the price even more.
Malaga to Seville is a great trip to start with, as you'll experience the Costa del Sol (the sun coast), white-washed villages, and celebrations of flamenco dancing and tapas.
In northern Spain, a trip from San Sebastian to Santiago de Compostela can be made in under seven hours, passing through towns with diverse gastronomy and iconic filming spots.