A street decorated with Italian flags in Sutri, Italy.
Take In Stunning Ancient Structures At This Underrated Italian Town
Situated an hour north of Rome in the province of Viterbo sits Sutri, one of the oldest cities in the world. The town is less of a tourist attraction and more of a time capsule.
Tucked in the hillside of central Italy, the town's center contains a wealth of well-preserved Roman structures, marking it as a fascinating area overflowing with history.
Its first inhabitants were the Etruscans before the town was conquered and overtaken by Romans, resulting in many of the ancient structures that stand today.
Most people visit the secluded city of Sutri as a day trip excursion, allowing the ancient Roman fortifications to provide a history lesson and a glimpse into the past.
One of Sutri's most coveted sites is Via Francigena, an ancient pilgrimage route that started in Canterbury and ended in Rome.
Along the Via Francigena route is the Santa Maria del Tempio (built in the mid 1200s), which was historically a place of rest and sanctification for wandering pilgrims.
Other notable historical structures in Sutri are the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunto and the regal Piazza Grande, the main square of town in Sutri.
You also can't miss the baptismal font of Altare dei Gigli by Andrea della Robbia and the triptych of the Assumption of Thaddeus of Bartholomew.