Main church of Comitán in Chiapas
Take In Scenic Views At This Lesser-Known Mexico Town
Mexico's hidden gem towns often steal travelers' hearts. One of these is the often overlooked Comitán de Dominguez, or Comitán, located in the state of Chiapas.
Comitán is brimming with cultural significance and natural beauty. One of its most important sites is the zócalo (main square,) home to the Templo de Santo Domingo de Guzmán.
The town's museums also can't be missed, including the Archeological Museum, the Art Museum, and the Cultural Center, which regularly hosts workshops, concerts, and exhibitions.
For nature lovers, the Montebello Lakes offer picturesque views of more than 50 lakes dotted around the Guatemala border. Visiting the area makes for a great day outside.
The best time to visit Comitán is between November and February when the average temperature during the day is around 75 degrees Fahrenheit and the rainy season is over.
Traveling to Comitán between March and May is also a great option, as it coincides with the town's Festival Internacional Rosario Castellanos, a large cultural celebration.