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Stunning Gothic Castles You'll Want To Visit On Your Next Trip To The UK
Wray Castle on Lake Windermere in Cumbria features many of the architectural details that were popular during the Gothic Revival period, including pointed arches, ribbed vaults, arrow slits, turrets, and ruins. Open to visitors since 2011, you can explore the castle's interior, arboretum, boathouse, and jetty.
Wray Castle, Cumbria
The history of Leighton Hall is long, but the Gothic Revival-style castle with stonework, pointed arches, and other Victorian Gothic features wasn't built until the 19th century. The estate is still a family home and visitors are treated like guests, encouraged to sit on the furniture and make themselves comfortable at the 18th-century table.
Leighton Hall Estate, Lancashire
Grade I on the National Heritage List for England, the 45-bedroom Allerton Castle has been seen in "The Secret Garden" and other films. Rebuilt in 1848, a record says part of the Gothic Revival castle was built around some of the original house, with a great hall that has 80-foot ceilings, stained glass windows, and Gothic oak woodwork.
Allerton Castle, North Yorkshire
Erected in 1614, the original three-story building still stands with a wing that was added around 1777, which features an enormous clock tower that looms over everything else on the grounds. The Gothic facade added battlements, turrets, and gargoyles, and many rooms contain some of the best-preserved examples of the Gothic Revival style.
Carlton Towers Estate, East Yorkshire
Strawberry Hill looks like a Gothic-inspired modern home, though it was built in the mid-1700s by writer Horace Walpole (author of "The Castle of Otranto," the world's first Gothic novel). As the world's first Gothic novelist, he clearly needed a Gothic castle to live in, so he modified the existing cottages into a stately home featuring battlements, pinnacles, and a round tower.
Strawberry Hill House, Twickenham