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Stress-Free Tips For Planning A Trip With Friends Of Different Incomes
The number one tip: never assume and never exclude. Avoid leaving someone out of the trip because of finances, as this is a surefire way to bruise your relationship.
Be Inclusive
Regardless of your destination, always invite friends, even if you're unsure of their financial situation. Make it an open invitation without forcing their hand to commit.
The worst possible thing for a person on a tight budget is an unexpected expense, so transparency needs to be the operative word from day one.
Be Transparent
Get the whole gang together, or start a group chat, and be brutally honest about every aspect of the trip. Account for emergencies and consider every possible expense.
It's still very much a faux pas in Western culture to inquire about someone's earnings, so ask people what their budget is rather than their income.
Budget, Not Income
Budgets are great because even those flush with cash can have a limited budget. If something on the list is too expensive, all a person needs to say is, "That's out of my budget."
Some people love planning, so if you've got that type of friend, give them the reins — but have them craft the trip to be as budget-friendly as possible.
Travel Planner
This works best if the trip planner buys all the tickets, accommodations, and tours and then gives each group member their "bill," creating some budget anonymity.
There are plenty of groups where everyone's willing to pitch in to make sure a friend doesn't miss out, but this can create an awkward power dynamic.
Reasonable Generosity
Some people derive a lot of pride from their ability to pay for themselves, so gifting them a vacation can be shameful. Wherever you sit in this exchange, walk on eggshells.