Jars of candy at a confection store
Stop At These Celebrity-Owned Businesses On Your Next Road Trip
In 2014, A-listers Paul Rudd and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and their wives, Julie Yaeger and Hilarie Burton Morgan, bought a candy shop in Rhinebeck, New York.
Samuel's Sweet Shop
Fans can buy samplers and a wide assortment of treats online or in-store. You may even run into one of the stars on the quaint and cozy Market Street.
Hugh Jackman founded a coffee shop in Lower Manhattan after enjoying a deep connection with a farmer in Ethiopia, and wanted others to share the experience.
Laughing Man Coffee
The foundation behind Laughing Man Coffee transparently gives back to what it profits from by supporting the farmers and the families of farmers who produce coffee beans abroad.
Steve Carell owns a cute, historic little general store in Marshfield Hills, Massachusetts, less than an hour's drive southeast of Boston.
Marshfield Hills General Store
Carell is from the state, which put the store on his radar. A carefully curated gift shop, it sells items from various vendors, including "The Office" memorabilia.
Since Mark Wahlberg opened a Boston burger joint with his brothers, they did a reality show about it for ten seasons and now have over 90 locations worldwide.
With locations covering almost half of the country, Wahlburgers is an ideal restaurant to break up a road trip, especially if you are into pop culture and want a good meal.
Reese Witherspoon is a southern belle with a home in Nashville and a famous women's boutique named for her grandparents and the ideals they instilled in her.
Draper James
Her personality and style are reflected in every aspect of the boutique's appearance, from the baby blue and white brand design to the clothing, accessories, and home decor sold.