Man in a tent looking at the snowy forest
Stay Warm While Camping In The Winter With These TikTok Tips
While sipping fireside hot chocolate and getting cozy under the stars can be comforting, wintertime camping comes with the risk of becoming dangerously cold.
To help you get more time in nature without freezing, TikToker @laurengastineau shares that you need to dress appropriately with layers during winter.
This includes wearing a base layer, warm waterproof pants, and multiple layers of outerwear. She also suggests packing a separate set of base layers and socks to use as pajamas.
In her TikTok with Columbia Sportswear, she also suggests tucking a warm water bottle in your sleeping bag to generate extra heat.
Avoid tucking your face into your bag at night. As the TikToker explains, breathing into the sleeping bag can trap condensation, making it easier to lose body heat.
Finally, @laurengastineau recommends loading up on carb-heavy foods before going to bed. This can make it easier for your body to retain heat as it has to work harder to digest.