Man alone on forest trail
Stay Safe When Hiking Alone With These TikTok Tips
A long hike may be healthy and relaxing, but venturing out alone can be dangerous. Luckily, TikTok hikers share their top safety tips in their videos.
One of the most common pieces of advice for solo hikers is not to go completely alone. Share your trail itinerary with a loved one, and use a GPS to share your live location.
To prepare for wilderness disasters, TikToker Black Hiking Queen suggests thoroughly checking trail conditions and local weather forecasts before heading out.
Always pack the essentials, including enough food and water for at least two days, a hiking first aid kit, and something to make noise while walking to deter nearby animals.
Many HikeTokers are women offering advice on protecting against other hikers. Abby Joselyn notes that she never wears headphones to be fully aware of her surroundings.
Another creator, @madeleinewilsonphoto, says that she keeps a small canister of pepper gel, a taser, a pocket knife, and bear spray.