Subway stop in Stockholm's metro
Stay Safe On Europe's City Subways With These Tips From Rick Steves
European subways make it easy to travel between countries but come with some concerns. Travel expert Rick Steves' tips can help you navigate the complex system safely.
Steves underscores the importance of staying alert and paying attention to station signage. It's easy to inadvertently ignore your surroundings when your eyes are on your phone.
Pickpocketing is prevalent in Europe, and if it can happen to Steves, it can happen to you. He lost valuable items when he let his guard down and didn't have his money belt.
Use a money belt when you can, or stash your cash and cards in a secure location that no one else can access. Keep your bag or luggage in a place within your line of vision.
If stowed on a luggage rack, tie your backpack straps to the rack so it won't get swiped easily. You may lock it with a paper clip or a key ring if a portable lock isn't available.
If you're on a sleeper train and need to rest, tether your belongings to your seat or body. Ensure your electronics are always attached to you with lanyards, straps, or hoops.
A common pickpocketing trick is creating a distraction, like a stranger bumping into you or spilling their drink. When commuters look at the disturbance, others do a swiping spree.
"The sneakiest pickpockets look like well-dressed businesspeople. Some pose as tourists, with daypacks, cameras, and even a Rick Steves guidebook," Steves told USA Today.