An amusement park
Stay Dry On Your Favorite Water Rides With These Genius Hacks
If you plan to include a water ride on your theme park itinerary, here are a few tips for staying dry as you continue to get splashed by water.
Ponchos are an excellent way to stay dry on water rides. They are lightweight, reusable, and can be folded small enough to fit in small spaces like in backpacks or purses.
For your feet, shoe covers can save your socks and sneakers. They are typically made of disposable plastic or silicone and can be worn with almost any shoe.
Instead of bringing your own poncho, trash bags and plastic bags from any retail establishment will work. Add extra protection by using duct tape to secure the bag to your ankles.
Some places have lockers, so you can always bring a change of clothes to change into after. Pack a pair of flip-flops to wear for the ride.