Sunset over Brandenburg Gate in Berlin
Solo Travel: Your Guide To Exploring Berlin Alone
Brandenburg Airport (BER) is Berlin’s only major international airport, but it's a fair distance outside of central Berlin. The quickest way to get to the city center is by train (it costs just 3.80€ and takes just 30 minutes), or the bus runs more often but takes a little longer — just avoid taxis as they take as long as the bus but cost 50€.
Transportation from the Airport
Berlin winters can be quite harsh, so opt for the warm and very predictable spring/summer season from May to September. Since temperatures will be up in the '80s, you'll be able to pack lighter clothes, and there are tons of activities and events happening, like Fête De La Musique and Lollapalooza.
Visit May to September
Berlin is a giant metropolis with 12 districts that are all very unique from one another, with some being chill, historical hotspots and others lively party hubs. Before you commit yourself to an entire week or more in any of Berlin's neighborhoods, figure out which one is going to be the best fit for you.
Pick the Right Neighborhood
Hostels provide a social atmosphere and are one of the cheapest accommodation options available, but they’re not created equal. Hostels in Berlin can range from chill budget- and eco-friendly types, to raging party and adventure themed, so read the description and reviews before booking.
Types of Hostels
Berlin is packed with some of Europe's top historical and cultural sites, like the Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin Wall, The Holocaust Memorial, the Berlin Stasi Prison, and the Reichstag. Free walking tours are a great way to meet other travelers and give a deeper sense of the city and its main highlights.
Historical Sites & Free Tours