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Solo Travel: Tips For Traveling To Disney World Alone
A major perk of going to Disney World alone is that you can always take advantage of single-rider lines for some of the most popular attractions, and there’s a good chance you’ll get on rides without that feature earlier than others, too. It's fairly common for cast members to ask for one or two riders near the front of the line to fully load ride vehicles.
Single-Rider Lines
No need to ask strangers to take your photo as PhotoPass cast members are posted throughout the parks, often at the most coveted photo-taking spots. Disney also offers private mini-photo sessions called Capture Your Moment to have a personal photographer at any of the four parks for your own private shoot in your favorite places.
Get PhotoPass
Part of the joy in traveling on your own is making new, like-minded friends along the way, and thanks to social media, it's never been easier for solo Mouseketeers to link up before and after your Disney adventure. If meeting people online isn't your thing, spend time chatting with like-minded people in one of the theme park or resort area bars, or in line for a ride.
Make New Friends
When you're visiting Disney World solo, you don't have to compromise with anyone else to add Enchanting Extras. Skip the lines by signing up for a guided V.I.P. tour, do the Wild Africa Trek rope bridge adventure, try DiveQuest at EPCOT, or take one of the many classes offered across the resort property.
Splurge on Unique Experiences
Probably the biggest perk to solo Disney travel is that you don't need anyone's permission to spend the day as you'd like. Feel free to sleep in, ride your favorite ride a dozen times, or have breakfast at the Crystal Palace with Pooh and his friends every single day.
Do Everything You Want