Man with a suitcase is talking on his phone outside of an airport terminal
Solo Travel: Tips For Flying Alone
One of the easiest ways to protect yourself from an unexpectedly crowded airport is checking in online the day before your flight. Besides getting to skip the check-in line, you may also get to choose your seat in advance, and the earlier you check-in, the better options you will have to pick from.
Checking In
Almost every airline offers travelers an easy-to-use app that alerts passengers when boarding starts or notifies them if a flight is delayed. Some allow you to check in for your flight 24 hours in advance, review travel requirements, rebook your flight, live chat with the airline, and get free in-flight entertainment.
Download Your Airline’s App
As a solo traveler, arriving at the airport three hours before your boarding time gives wiggle room for hiccups. Many factors like traffic, finding a parking spot, or forgetting something, can unexpectedly delay your airport arrival, so giving yourself extra time will allow room to handle those obstacles without worrying about running late.
When to Arrive
Your boarding pass has crucial information, like the flight's arrival time, the gate number, the boarding time, and your boarding group — and checking these details as soon as you get it can prevent any questions later. It’s also wise to print your travel itinerary beforehand as your phone’s battery could run out, or you could have poor reception at the airport.
Flight Details
Your flight's gate isn't set in stone and airlines commonly change it in the blink of an eye. If you're not watching the gate number on your airline's app or on the display screens, you could end up realizing at the last moment that you're on the complete opposite end of the airport and need to make a mad dash to your new gate to make your flight.
Watch Your Flight’s Gate