Woman standing alone in the waters of a secluded beach
Solo Travel: The Ultimate Guide To Traveling By Yourself And Loving It
Solo travel provides great opportunities for challenging oneself, getting in touch with the real you, and feeling more confident in your everyday life. It also means you don’t have to compromise on trying new foods and experiences, and allows you to meet new people, all while often being more cost-efficient.
Going Solo Is Important
Some people thrive in group settings while others shine best on their own, and in many respects, solo exploration tends to be a combination of both. There are solo-friendly accommodations, local attractions, and activities that make it easy to make new friends, or you can go be as alone as you want in all of those settings.
Solo Might Not Mean Alone
Enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP), which has pertinent information about Embassies, your destination, and allows others to get in contact with you in the event of an emergency. Travello and TripScout are smartphone apps that help vet recommendations from other solo travelers, research destinations, and determine a budget.
Solo Programs and Apps
Using travel miles for just one person could lower costs, as can staying in hostels or opting for packages and tours. Apps like TripScout let you filter locations, activities, interests, and accommodations with your desired budget in mind, and you can save money by packing light, using public transit, and dining locally instead of at tourist traps.
Make a Budget
When researching destinations, you need to consider what kind of solo gallivanting you want — a beachy, relaxing getaway, or an action-packed escape. Although many places are ideal for solo travelers, it doesn’t mean they’re good for female solo explorers, an older party of one, non-white solo jet-setters, thrifty solo globetrotters, or LGBTQ travelers.
Do Your Research