A young woman on the deck of a cruising ship watching a small island with white sands and coconut palms.
Solo Travel: How To Enjoy A Cruise Alone
Set Your Expectations
Before booking your solo cruise, you should reflect on what you want to get out of your trip, the vibe you'd like to achieve, and what your perfect cruise alone should look like.
Have An Open Mind
One of the benefits of cruising alone is that you get to explore different possibilities and experiences without the fears or anxieties you may have when accompanied by others.
Choose Your Type Of Cruise Wisely
Cruise types vary, such as adults-only, singles-only, or luxury liners. If your goal is destination-oriented, research which adventures and excursions are offered on port days.
Take The Ship Into Account
Cruise ships are not one-fits-all and offer varying amenities. For instance, not all cruise lines offer single cabins for solo travelers, so you’ll want to check before booking.

Be Social

If you feel like interacting, the ship’s bar, pool, and other common areas are good places to find a fellow adventurer, like-minded foodie, or possible romantic interest.