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Simple Tips to Make Traveling With Just One Carry-On Bag Even Easier
Planning is crucial when bringing only a carry-on bag (and one personal item.) You’ll need to consider important details like what the weather will be like, what toiletries your accommodations will provide, and whether or not to pack a duffel bag for souvenirs.
Plan Ahead
Having a durable and appropriately sized suitcase is really only half of the battle as both soft and hard-shell suitcases have pros and cons. Also take into consideration whether your roller suitcase has outside pockets, removable wheels, the ability to expand, and if you can manage the weight after packing.
Use the Right Bag
Check out official websites and travel apps to ensure that your chosen cabin luggage meets the latest airline and TSA requirements for a carry-on. This additional step may seem tedious at first, but with different rules for almost every airline (some are stricter than others), it is necessary.
Review Rules and Regulations
A week's worth of clothing easily fits in most carry-on luggage which is best accomplished by packing versatile items that you can easily mix and match, creating a limited number of outfits that can be used for multiple occasions. With the aid of travel organizers and pack-friendly accessories, you will be done packing in no time at all.
Pack For A Week
Outerwear can be worn on the plane or in your one allotted personal item, but you may need to dedicate bag space to snow boots or ice skates (both are permitted in carry-ons). In terms of footwear, wear walking shoes to the airport, storing sandals, flip flops, or a pair of dressier shoes in your carry-on.
Outerwear and Footwear