Transformers statue decorating a building at Universal Studios in Orlando.
Secrets Every Universal Orlando Visitor Should Know Before Their Trip
Stan Lee Cameos
Stan Lee was known for his cameos in all things Marvel, and he can be spotted on The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man dark ride, in addition to providing narration.
Interact With Pay Phones
Guests can interact with a few payphones throughout the park. Depending on the location, they can hear “Harry Potter,” “The Simpsons,” or Marvel-themed messages.
Secret Mummy
The Revenge of the Mummy roller coaster has booby traps you can activate in line, like the pyramid that will make the lights flicker if you place your hand below its Medjai symbol.
Men In Black
Secret Tour
You can get a secret guided tour of Men in Black: Alien Attack if you ask an employee for an Immigration Tour. You’ll see the center of MIB headquarters, alien twins, and more.
Online you can find codes to the secret song list for the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit roller coaster. Once you board, hold down the logo for 10 seconds, and enter it into the keypad.