Sunny day with Cinderella's Castle at Walt Disney World. Picture was taken on one of the busiest days of the year as evidenced by the crowd of people in front of the castle.
Scams To Avoid When Visiting Disney World
Intentional or not, there's a long list of Disney scams and rip-offs. Luckily, it doesn't take much to recognize them — it's just about being a little savvy and quick on your feet.
Some seemingly trustworthy third-party companies claim to sell cheap tickets only to try and upsell you a timeshare in Florida, while others sell counterfeit or expired tickets.
Disney is also guilty of using complicated marketing language that tricks visitors into purchasing more than they need. That's why you should always, always check the fine print.
Once you're in the park, Disney Genie+ will try to control how you move around based solely on crowd flow, redirecting you to places nowhere near where you want to be.
The same can be said about using the Single Rider Lines, as you might be left waiting just as long as if you'd queued with your party and end up with a not-so-great seat.
When it comes to souvenirs, limited edition launches pressure guests into overpaying for souvenirs they don't truly need, and there are many knock-off Disney pins floating around.