Person handing over car keys
Save On Rental Cars With These Tips From A Travel Expert
Car rental fees are stubbornly high, so Victoria Fricke, a travel agent with Vic's Vacations, recommends going deep into research mode on the rental companies you're considering.
Insurance policies are the primary culprit behind high rates. "Knowing prior to arriving if you're going to get insurance/what is actually covered is helpful!" she told Explore.
Check your workplace perks, as corporations often offer their employees discounts. "Checking for the best rate is often as simple as talking to your HR department," Fricke says.
Some travel companies can be deceptive when it comes to bundles, so Fricke cautions against impulsively buying these. As always, research is your ally.
You should also book as early as reasonably possible, especially if you're traveling during a holiday. Delaying your booking limits your options and increases the cost.
With this in mind, book your rental car ahead of time. If you come across a better deal later on, you still have the option to change your reservation or rebook completely.