Man reading pamphlet at a laundromat
Save Money On Laundry While Traveling With This TikTok Hack
For campers and digital nomads, one sneaky cost of travel is laundry. One travel TikToker named Hailey (@taskerstravels) has a creative solution for staying fresh on a budget.
In the TikTok, Hailey stands in a bathroom with a bag of laundry in one hand and a blow dryer in the other. She then aims the dryer in the bag while shaking it to simulate a dryer.
"POV: you're a backpacker trying to save money so you wash your clothes in the sink and use a hairdryer and laundry bag as a makeshift dryer," reads the text on the video.
Admittedly, Hailey's laundry hack is time-consuming, but the method could potentially save travelers tens or even hundreds of dollars during their trips.
Keep in mind that the hack requires a few tools to pull off, meaning it isn't entirely free. You'll need laundry soap sheets or a detergent, a large laundry bag, and a blow dryer.