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Sail Around The World On These Epic Cruise Voyages
For 138 days, Viking's World Cruise passengers go through the Caribbean, Panama Canal, islands of Polynesia, Australia, Asia, and Europe before dropping anchor in London.
This three-quarter circumnavigation sets sail in December 2024, and you can step ashore in 28 different nations and pick from 57 guided tours.
Ships are equipped with spas, luxury dining options, and cabin beds that can be separated or combined. Quality does come at a price, with a full passage starting at $59,995.
The Ambiance begins and ends the Grand Round the World Cruise in London before crossing the Atlantic to Panama, Australia, Southeast Asia, Africa, and South America.
Passengers on the 120-night voyage will travel 35,000 nautical miles to 24 countries and 34 ports of call in extreme comfort with top-notch dining and live entertainment.
The 2024 voyage sets sail on June 6, and an inside cabin starts at the budget-friendly price of $8,500 per person, making this cruise one of the most economical on this list.
This cruise has a formidable 154-night itinerary of the Panama Canal, Central America, a dozen Pacific islands, Australia, South Asia, East Africa, and two Atlantic islands.
With world-class spas, dining, and entertainment, there are 431 free excursions across six continents, 77 ports, and 47 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
To sail 40,000 nautical miles on this luxurious experience, including first-class airfare, gratuities, and 24-hour room service, passengers can expect to pay nearly $100,000.
Even for seasoned travelers, the Ultimate World Cruise is epic, lasting 274 nights and arriving in 60 countries, more than a quarter of the sovereign nations.
Royal Caribbean
Starting and ending in Miami, this cruise touches on every single continent, including Elephant Island and Paradise Bay in Antarctica, and is broken into four segments.
You don't have to commit to the full trip, and segments are significantly less. An interior stateroom for the whole cruise is $60,000 per person, while a segment starts at $12,500.
When the Queen Mary 2 departs from New York City on January 3, 2024, its Full World Voyage itinerary will cross the Eastern Hemisphere twice.
Passengers will traverse the United Kingdom, Africa, Australia, and Asia, then take a shortcut through the Suez Canal and a tour of the Mediterranean while heading back to the U.S.
At the time of this writing, most of the budget cabins were already booked, but cabins with balconies were still available, starting at $16,899 per person.