Phuket, Thailand - April 27, 2011: Crowds of people waiting at the airline check in counters at Phuket airport.
Rick Steves' Top Tips For Navigating European Airports
Navigating international airports is notoriously stressful. Luckily, travel expert Rick Steves has a few pointers about European airports courtesy of his blog Rick Steves Europe.
Before you start your trip, look up the European airport you're heading to and download the terminal maps. Save a copy on your phone or print it out to reference when you land.
Signs can sometimes be in different languages, so look up the names of the services you'll need when you arrive, like ATMs, bathrooms, luggage carousels, and airport shuttles.
To overcome the language barrier, try using apps such as Scan & Translate+ Text Grabber, which can translate signs in 70-plus languages, or Google Translate.
When you land, try to stock up on maps of the city, public transportation tickets, and packages for attractions. If there's a gift shop, look for an international SIM card.
Even if you don't speak the language very well, you can always ask the airport staff for assistance — they are used to travelers, language barriers, and requests of all kinds.