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Rick Steves' Tips For Figuring Out The Best Time To Visit Europe
Having built a home in Europe, Rick Steves has come to know the continent well. He has written guidebooks about the region, so if anyone knows the best time to visit, it's him.
Steves' number one tip is to visit Europe during the off-season, which is November through March. Airfare and hotels tend to be cheaper, and you'll avoid crowds.
Off-season travel means you might have to dress warmer, or you can visit Europe during the shoulder season for fewer crowds, lower prices, and great weather, according to Steves.
The shoulder seasons are from April to mid-June and September to October. However, Steves warns that Mediterranean countries will likely still have higher prices.
If traveling in the summer is a must, Steves says to target the early or late peak season. For the best weather, head to southern Europe in early summer, then make your way north.