Boston, MA, USA - April 10, 2018: view of the iconic architecture of Boston in Massachusetts, USA in the spring season with lots of cherry tree pink flowers along the Commonwealth Avenue and some locals passing by having fun.
Rick Steves Shares His Top American Cities For Tourists
On his blog, Rick Steves wrote, "I had more fun in New Orleans than any city I've visited in the USA [... it's] bursting with culture and a contagious love of life."
New Orleans
In New Orleans, you can legally drink alcohol while strolling down Bourbon Street and ducking into live music venues. The food makes a New Orleans trip extra memorable.
Steves finds this city tourist-friendly because of how walkable it is. With paths like the historic Freedom Trail, it made our list of most walkable cities in the U.S.
On Facebook, Steves also wrote of visiting the Boston Public Library. It's a marvel to behold with its free art and architecture tours and the cavernous reading room, Bates Hall.
The fact that Manhattan's buildings and energy inspire gee-whiz enthusiasm even in a seasoned world traveler like Steves is a testament to its tourist appeal.
New York
In 2023, New York ranked among America's five safest large cities. The Brooklyn and Queensboro bridges even have walkways so you can stroll across the East River.
Washington, D.C., is one of Steves' favorite American cities from a tourism point of view, and he cited its "great museums, galleries, and restaurants."
Washington, D.C.
In his Washington, D.C. videos, Steves shows popular landmarks like the Jefferson Memorial, the Washington Monument, and the halls of Congress, which you can also tour.
At a 2020 town hall event in Sarasota, Florida, Steves told the audience, "My mission is to inspire and equip Americans to venture beyond Orlando."
Beyond Orlando
In his podcast, Steves talked about attractions besides Orlando in the greater Central Florida area, such as the Kennedy Space Center and Cassadaga, a Spiritualist camp.