Someone spray bug spray on their arm
Protect Yourself Against Fleas While Traveling With These Hacks
While fleas primarily feed on animals, they will occasionally feast on humans. Fleas don't tend to stay on the human body, but they linger on fur and home furniture.
Flea bites produce itchy red bumps and can cause allergic reactions. They are notorious for transmitting diseases, including the plague, typhus, and cat scratch disease.
Protecting yourself from fleas is as easy as applying repellent on your skin. The CDC advises opting for repellents that are part of the Environmental Protection Agency's roster.
When shopping, you want to look for a repellent with ingredients like catnip oil, oil of citronella, and DEET. Add permethrin to clothes for an additional layer of protection.
Wearing protective attire that covers most of your skin is also effective. Flea bites are often concentrated on the lower part of the body, so thick socks and pants are great.