group of friends on cruise having cocktails
Prevent Seasickness On Your Next Cruise With TikTok's Top Tips
Seasickness affects around one in three people during a cruise. Luckily, many TikTok creators are sharing their best tips and tricks to prevent and even cure seasickness.
TikTok user @ship_facts suggests avoiding seasickness by booking a cabin in the middle of the ship on a lower deck. One with a balcony is best, as the fresh air can also help.
Meanwhile, user @thelifeofacruiser suggests staying active to avoid seasickness. This will help take your mind off the swaying motion and ease feelings of discomfort.
They also recommend nausea wristbands and scopolamine patches. The wristband uses acupressure to relieve symptoms, and the patches block brain signals that cause seasickness.
Food can also combat seasickness. User @covertrip recommends eating green apples because they're packed with pectin, a fiber that helps neutralize the acids in the stomach.
If you still happen to get sick on a cruise, try taking Dramamine, drinking lots of fluids, avoiding strong smells that might trigger nausea or vomiting, and watching the horizon.