Woman's suitcase laid on a bed with a lot of travel-related objects all around: a mobile phone, clothes, accessories.
Popular Celebrity Stylist Shares The Top Packing Mistakes To Avoid
Celebrity stylist Alyssa Sutter is a master at packing economically and has many useful tips for traveling to prevent annoying packing mistakes while staying fashionable.
Sutter says to avoid filling up your suitcase with big items and instead wear your bulkiest clothing on your flight. On top of being efficient, you'll have access to warm layers.
Layers can keep you covered for a range of weather conditions. Sutter has some inspiring ideas for layering with style, such as pairing a laid-back long dress with a sweatshirt.
A smartly packed suitcase includes versatile clothing pieces, according to Sutter. Don't make the mistake of solely bringing unique pieces that don't work well together.
"The best way to fit all of your clothing into a carry-on is to make sure all of the items can be reworked for multiple outfits," Stutter told Who What Wear.
If you don't know what to pack, go back to the basics. Sutter's client, Lucy Hale, often opts for jeans, as denim provides a solid basis for an informal yet refined ensemble.