A closeup of an airplane lavatory.
Poop On The Plane Without Stinking It Up WIth Neil Patrick Harris' Tip
Pooping in a plane's tiny toilet cubicle can be stressful, but actor Neil Patrick Harris has come up with a genius hack to help minimize foul odors left behind.
He tells Thrillist that he actually flushes the toilet while doing his business and then gives the toilet an extra courtesy flush when he's done.
However, Harris doesn't just stop at flushing a couple of times to remove the stink. He also practices good hygiene, which, surprisingly, can also act as a deodorizing method.
He explains to Thrillist: "[U]se hand soap. Put it on your hands and all over your arms, and do, like, tai chi moves with your arms."
Sure, it might look funny, but the technique works to waft the aroma of the soap around the air, helping to cover up any unpleasant odors.
"Then wash your hands, and then the bathroom doesn't smell like your stuff. Every time I do it I'm impressed with myself," Harris shares.