A brightly colored street festival in South America
Plan a Budget-Friendly Vacation To These South American Countries
Explore Bolivia's Uyuni Salt Flat, the largest in the world, or take a relaxing day at Biocentro Guembe Mariposario Ecological Park in Santa Cruz de la Sierra.
Amid breathtaking highlands and unmatched tropical scenery, the cost of living is 50% cheaper than in the U.S., with a local beer at just $2.13 and a typical meal costing $3.44.
Taking busses around the country will drastically reduce the cost of a vacation in Bolivia, and the street food offers delicious, cheap meals.
This relaxing paradise is also a budget-friendly destination, with a basic meal costing nearly 85% less than that in the U.S. and transportation ringing up at 45.5% lower.
Many outdoor activities are free or inexpensive, like diving on the Caribbean or Pacific coasts or hiking inside Colombia's national parks.
Roam Cartagena's Old Town or Medellin, and visit Guatape Village for the amazing scenery that surrounds it, including the Rock, a gigantic protrusion that rises from the Earth.
As one of the most beautiful countries on the planet, this nation is overflowing with natural sites, lush jungles, and national parks that will take your breath away.
There are all kinds of animal life, like capybaras, tapirs, jaguars, and pumas. Don't miss Eco Reserva Mbatovi, or the capital, Asunción, one of the oldest cities on the continent.
A daily budget of just $42 should suffice, with public transport costing just 49 cents for a typical one-way ticket, but this doesn't diminish the charm of the city or the nation.
From jungles to archaeological history that spans centuries, budget-friendly Ecuador sits on the Pacific coastline and includes the Galápagos Island chain.
A lunch averages $4, and a beer just $2.30. Expect prices 54% cheaper in restaurants, 55% cheaper for hotels, and 40% lower for transportation in Ecuador than in the United States.
Ecuador has a low cost of living that rivals many other nations on the continent, and the U.S. dollar is its currency, so you can save some money by avoiding rough exchange rates.
Seeing the Incan ruins of Machu Picchu is a must for anyone visiting Peru. A tour averages $100 daily, but Peru has plenty of budget-friendly places to see and things to do.
Peru has great eats, and a basic meal will run you just $2.98. Sticking to street food and local transportation can boost your cultural experience while giving your wallet a break.
Other fantastic stops include the biodiverse Peruvian Amazon jungle and Colca Canyon, where condors traverse the mighty cliffsides that form one of the world's deepest crevices.