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Pick Up These Budget-Friendly Souvenirs On Your Next Vacation
Framing guide maps is a terrific and cheap way to remember a special trip. These maps are usually free to pick up from the location or easily acquired from a truck stop.
Guide Maps
You can do lots of things with guide maps, from marking your route and framing it to cutting out and placing photos in their designated areas on the map.
When you get home, you can order photo magnets on a website like Vistaprint or Shutterfly, meaning less baggage during the actual trip.
Photo Magnets
How creative you get with the magnet will determine its cost — prices on Shutterfly as of this writing range from $6.38 to $14.99 each. You can frequently find discounts online.
You can find pressed penny machines in touristy places like Walt Disney World. Prices generally run from $0.50 to $2, making them some of the cheapest souvenirs.
Pressed Pennies
These pressed souvenir pennies are versatile and can be placed in albums, picture frames, or even used for jewelry like a charm bracelet or necklace pendant.
Having cash on hand during your trip can help in tight situations, and it also makes for a great souvenir. You can frame the notes or turn the coins into art or jewelry.
Money can be an especially great way to remember your trip if you're going somewhere known for having beautiful currency, such as the Maldives or Sao Tome & Principe.
A lot of people collect ticket stubs or other paper paraphernalia they pick up throughout their travels, such as boarding passes, train tickets, and museum passes.
Ticket Stubs
You can put all these little paper goodies together in a picture frame with some of your holiday snaps. This is also a popular budget souvenir idea for Disney Parks visitors.