Someone packing a suitcase
Pack Everything You Need For A Long Trip With Samantha Brown's Tips
Travel Expert Samantha Brown says packing everything you need in a carry-on comes down to strategic prioritization, color coordination, and sheer resourcefulness.
First, Brown suggests making a list of things you need to bring on your trip. A list functions as a clear reference point and doubles as an inventory in case your bag gets lost.
When packing, lay everything out and selectively remove non-essentials. Try to follow the 54321 rule and pack five tops, four bottoms, three shoes, two accessories, and a dress.
Brown suggests packing clothes of a specific color scheme, so you'll have no problem mixing and matching the pieces. Neutral colors like black, brown, or beige are always safe.
No space should go unutilized when packing. Brown loves using compression bags, but she also suggests finding gaps in your luggage and filling them with items.
Consider bringing well-worn footwear and then tossing them to make more space for souvenirs. Also, wear the chunkiest pair during the flights so they won't hog carry-on space.