Front shot of The Wine Train on a bright sunny day
Our Travel Expert's Tips For Saving On Train Tickets
Jim Loomis, author of "All Aboard! The Complete North American Train Travel Guide," gave tips in an exclusive interview with Explore to help you save money on train tickets.
Loomis says that Amtrak fares fluctuate based on seasonality and popularity. Popular routes like the California Zephyr tend to have higher fares during peak travel seasons.
To secure the best deals and avoid last-minute surprises, plan your trip well in advance. Early booking guarantees availability and gives you access to lower prices.
It's also essential to understand the nuances of booking accommodations. Much like other types of lodging, a room is set at a certain rate, so traveling with a friend is cheaper.
If you plan to travel by train, keep an eye out for discounts that are available for seniors, students, military personnel, or groups, and consider joining loyalty programs.
Another great option to save on train travel is to check if you can use credit card reward points for tickets. Also, bring some meals or snacks to save money on food purchases.