Aerial view large cruise ship at sea, Passenger cruise ship vessel, sailing across the Ksamil, Albania. View from drone.
One Cruise Ship Behavior You Should Avoid On Your Next Voyage
One unexpected activity that cruises are not happy with is fishing off the ship. The most severe consequence of breaking a rule onboard a cruise liner is a ban for life.
That is exactly what happened to one couple who was filmed catching a tropical fish off their balcony. Carnival Cruise Lines banned them for life after seeing the video.
The biggest reason why you can't fish onboard a cruise ship is that it isn't safe. Fishing from a high balcony means other passengers could be hurt by the hook above them.
It would also be impossible to cast or reel in your line safely because of the wind. The speed of the boat would affect the line, which is harder to gauge at a great height.
There's also the chance that the fishing equipment could damage the boat or get caught in debris in the ocean, littering and harming endangered species.
You are permitted to take your gear on some cruise liners, but you can only use it while in port. A great option would be to book an angling trip while off the ship.