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Must-See Castles To Visit On Your Next Trip To France
Located in the Picardie region of France, Château de Chantilly can be visited on a day trip from Paris. With a rich, French Revolution history, a fairytale-like presence, and even a moat, this impressive palace is a great place to start if you are not one for massive crowds.
Château de Chantilly
In 1624, the former lodge and hunting grounds for Louis XIII began its transformation into what is now the Palace of Versailles. This royal residence has extensive and lush grounds and is brimming with over five centuries of history, priceless artwork, and innovative architecture.
The Palace of Versailles
In the 8th century, Bishop Aubert was reportedly visited by the Archangel Michael in a dream, and given clear instructions — and blueprints — to build Mont Saint Michel. Since then, the dream castle that sits on its own island has also been part train station, part chapel, an abbey, a bustling business district, and even a prison.
Mont Saint Michel
Château de Chambord, France's largest castle, is an ode to 16th-century French Renaissance architecture with the influence of Leonardo da Vinci prevalent throughout. It has enough space to accommodate well over 300 members of the king's court and a private park that is said to be as large as inner Paris.
Château de Chambord
Chenonceau Castle is a unique-looking palace with an almost perfect blend of early Renaissance and late Gothic designs, an attention-catching bridge, and a rich history dating back to the 11th century. Spanning the entire width of the River Cher, this one-of-a-kind former home of Henry II's mistress has a design that is like something out of a fairy tale.
Chenonceau Castle