Mature man with backpack standing on mountain against sky during wonderful sunrise
Most Fun European Cities For Solo Travelers
Edinburgh is pretty simple to navigate, has a thriving hostel scene, and a variety of tours and local attractions that are ideal for solo travelers. From lush Highlands to a bustling downtown area to fairytale-like castles, there are plenty of things to do, especially if you’re an avid history buff or whiskey lover.
Edinburgh, Scotland
The capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam has a unique appeal with its art, history, stunning architecture, canals, rave-worthy public transportation, live music festivals, world-renowned nightlife, affordable accommodations, and an overall chill vibe. Visitors can also easily explore this destination on foot, bike, or boat.
Amsterdam, Netherlands
If you have been craving some solo downtime, Reims is an extremely safe city in France to go to relax. Full of hidden gems, breathtaking scenery, phenomenal architecture, Roman ruins, museums, lavish hotels, mouthwatering cafes, fun biking tours — and, oh yeah, champagne from all the nearby vineyards.
Reims, France
London, England is pedestrian-friendly, has ample solo accommodations, countless fascinating attractions, tours, great public transportation, and a rather exciting nightlife. It’s also the perfect home base when traipsing through nearby countries like Scotland, the Netherlands, and France.
London, United Kingdom
Avid history lovers on a solo adventure should make a point to visit Prague in the Czech Republic, where after a long day of appreciating Medieval architecture, you can easily make some new friends at the local beer gardens, galleries, and pubs that are scattered throughout this affordable city.
Prague, Czech Republic