A man and woman hold hands across the airplane aisle
Mistakes To Avoid When Traveling With Your Partner
It is important to get on the same page during the planning stages of your trip. If one of you needs a relaxing getaway and the other wants a fun-filled adventure, then you’ll need some sort of compromise to ensure you have the type of trip that works for both of you.
Not Clearly Defining The Purpose
Planning can be a contention point for many couples — no one should have to take care of everything, and there are some trip details that must be firmed up and booked beforehand. Definitely plan your itinerary, flights, and accommodations, but save room for downtime and spontaneity, too.
Playing It All By Ear
You need to agree on how much everything will cost, what you can both afford, who will pay for what, or if you’ll split costs right down the middle. Couples with combined finances have it a little easier, but no one wants to argue over the costs of things while on vacation, or months later after the bills come from what you assumed was a nice little getaway.
Not Creating a Budget
Consult with your partner before finalizing decisions to avoid any arguments that start with, "When did we agree to that?" Whether big or small, things like how you are getting there, where you are staying, how many suitcases you are bringing, what activities you are planning, or when your downtime will be, are all decisions that should not be made unilaterally.
Not Getting Your Partner’s Input
Going overboard can show up in many different forms, like booking back-to-back activities, scheduling a multiple-week vacation, and overdoing it with romantic gestures. By keeping your first getaway together short and simple, no one gets unnecessarily overwhelmed, and it is the perfect way to test the couple's "vacation waters" for your next adventure.
Going Overboard The First Time