Luggage on an airport carousel
Make Traveling With Any Thanksgiving Essentials Easier With TSA's Tips
A TSA security checkpoint is one of the busiest and most stressful places to be in the days before and after Thanksgiving. Reduce your traveling stress with these preparation tips.
If you're bringing your favorite dish, TSA guidelines allow solid foods through security, including stuffing, baked treats, candy, spices, casseroles, and frozen food.
Even a cooked or frozen turkey can go in your carry-on. To prevent any hold-ups with TSA, place food in clear bags or containers so you can quickly put them in a bin.
If items with liquids like cranberry sauce, jam, canned foods, and syrup are more than 3.4 ounces, they need to go in a checked bag, or they will be confiscated.
The exception is frozen liquids; gravy, ice, and ice packs are acceptable to travel in a carry-on as long as they are frozen during security. Otherwise, put them in a checked bag.
Airline rules vary regarding dry ice. Alcohol and other beverages must go in your checked bag — only five liters are allowed if the beverage contains 24% to 70% alcohol.
Make sure carving knives and blade corkscrews are in your checked bag, and you are not allowed to fly with cooking spray at all. Try to arrive at the airport as early as possible.