Woman with backpack in Japan
Make The Most Of Your Trip To Japan With These Essential Tips
Japanese convenience stores (conbini) are usually open 24 hours a day and are packed full of tasty treats that will fill you up quickly without breaking the bank.
The most common store is 7-Eleven, which has over 20,000 Japanese locations. For just 200 yen ($1.34), you can enjoy onigiri rice balls, chicken karaage, oden, and bento boxes.
Public Wi-Fi is scarce in Japan, so it’s best to get pocket Wi-Fi. For as low as $5 a day, you can rent a portable device that will give you internet access on the go.
Pocket Wi-Fi
Sadly, the JR (Japan Rail) Pass surged in price by 70% in July 2023. However, if your itinerary includes extensive train travel, it's still worth the purchase.
JR Pass
The JR Pass allows you to ride the rail to your heart's desire. It's more expensive in Japan, so buy it in advance on the JRailPass website, which costs $340.65 for seven days.
Japan's incredible public transportation can be extremely overwhelming if it's your first time in the country, so download or screenshot train schedules ahead of time.
Train Maps
Citymapper is a must for Tokyo visitors, as it analyzes public transportation, congestion, and distance to figure out the quickest ways you can reach your destination.