Car driving in snow at night
Make Sure You Have This Item While Road Tripping During The Winter
One primary reason winter weather is so dangerous to drive in is loss of traction. Sand or kitty litter is one item that might help you maintain better control over your vehicle.
Placing heavy bags in the trunk can help improve traction, especially for lightweight or rear-wheel drive cars, by providing enough weight to help the tires sink into the road.
For smaller cars, 300 to 400 pounds of sand is enough to help the tires grip the road better. Up to 500 pounds works for vans and SUVs, and up to 700 pounds for large trucks.
Sand and litter can also be helpful if you're stuck in a snow pile. Clear the snow away from the tires, then sprinkle it around and under them to create a rough surface.
Traction sand is best, as it is designed to improve grip and is safe for the environment; kitty litter isn't always environmentally friendly and doesn't provide the same friction.
If you must use litter, ensure the product is non-clumping, as other types may be slippery and can worsen matters once you're caught in the snow.