Various tents set up under trees in the forest with the sun shining
Make Putting Up A Tent Even Easier With These Genius Tips
Pitching a tent can be stressful, especially if you're struggling with the elements, but these tips will alleviate any problems before you even drive in your first stake.
Practice pitching your tent at home beforehand. John Junke Jr., of REI Conversations, says, "There's an adventurer's credo that says 'Don't let the first time be the first time.'"
Junke also advises against setting up your tent in the dark. He says pitching your tent should be your priority when arriving while you still have the sun on your side.
The biggest hurdle will be the terrain, especially if you don't check for inconsistencies. Mud, sunken, or uneven ground will make driving the stakes of your tent a nightmare.
Find a spot with dry, level ground and brush away any large sticks, stones, branches, and other rubbish that will poke into the floor of your tent and disturb your sleep.
Ensure the tent isn't near a fire hazard like a fire pit or propane cooker. Tents are usually made of nylon and can ignite or melt if exposed to high heat.
If you're camping on especially tough or frozen ground, bring a hammer to drive the stakes into the ground securely at a 90-degree angle.