A woman picking out a souvenir
Make Packing Souvenirs You Buy While Traveling Easier With These Tips
It's nice to bring back souvenirs and mementos from a vacation, but sometimes there isn't enough space in the luggage. Luckily, there are a few tricks to use to bring them back.
A good set of luggage is a solid and necessary investment because many brands make it so their bags fit inside one another. This feature is useful for those who want souvenirs.
Once you pack your bag with clothes, place it inside the bigger bag and check it in. As you collect goodies and souvenirs, you'll have another bag to fill.
Keep in mind that many airlines will charge additional fees if your bag is overstuffed or overweight. Treat yourself, but be prepared to pay a little extra.
Plan how you pack because if the bag is weirdly shaped, you might have to pay extra. Call your airline beforehand to find out the regulations about oddly shaped bags.
Make sure to pack fragile and delicate items properly and carry them in your personal item that fits under the seat. You don't want to break something accidentally.